2018’s New UK Poker Sites reviewed and rated

Jack Jackob by Jack Jackob  |  August 14, 2018

As soon as you have found your perfect poker site or poker app that you enjoy using to access your favourite poker games and poker tournaments, you are unlikely to ever want or even need to play anywhere else.

However, it should be pointed out that from time to time one or more brand new UK poker sites are going to become available to you, and whilst you may not have the urge to play anywhere other than the sites or via the poker apps you using use, there may be some additional benefits of doing so.

As you will see on his section of the website I have kept it bang up to date with all of the very latest new UK poker sites that have recently gone live, and those you will find listed on this website meet my personal very strict criteria for approval and in addition to that they are all fully licensed and regulated by the UK gambling Commission too.

Please do have a good read through of this guide to new UK poker sites, for what you will also find listed below are some of the unique types of poker games available at those sites and also discover what new and unique poker tournaments are also going to become available to you if you do sign up to any of those new UK poker sites too!

Recommended Licensed and Legal UK Poker sites:All Poker Rooms are Licensed , Mobile Friendly


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What to Demand from a New UK Poker Site

Make no mistake about it if you do not pick and choose a new UK poker site very carefully then you could end up playing t one that is not going to be giving you a fully rounded gaming experience.

Therefore things you should always be looking for and demanding from any new UK poker site you come across is a gambling license, for by making sure any site you do sign up to is licensed and regulated that will take away any concerns you have about game fairness and whether you will be paid out if you win.

It is of course the number of individual poker game variants and poker tournaments that you should be looking or from any poker site, especially new sites, for the more game variants and poker tournaments they have to offer you the better.

I would also suggest that you play only at new UK poker sites that are going to be offering you a set of free play poker tables, as that way you can play at those tables initially at no risk to see if you do like the way the poker games play, work and operate at no risk.

New Poker Site Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Without a shadow of a doubt the one thing that is going to lure and tempt players to sign up to any new poker sites will be the size of the new player bonuses that are given to them when they sign up to such a site and make their initial deposit too.

As such be aware that it is also the terms and conditions associated with any no deposit or even high valued deposit match welcome bonus that will ultimately determine when any such offer is going to be worth claiming and making use of.

So as soon as you have found that you feel is going to be the ideal new poker site at which to play at, you will then simply have to read through all of the bonus terms and conditions to be in the best position possible to determine whether they are as generous as they may first appear, as sadly not all of them will be.

In addition to sign up welcome poker site bonuses, you are always going to find a plethora of different ongoing poker bonuses available to you, so you will once again need to check through the bonus play rules to determine whether any of them are worth claiming or not.

One other thing worth knowing is that all poker sites will have some form of loyalty scheme or poker rewards club on offer at their site, and by picking out the most rewarding ones you are always going to get plenty of additional extras when playing at those sites!

Poker Games and Poker Tournaments Offered at New Poker Sites

It is of course going to take a new poker site some time to get established, however one thing that all poker players are going to want to find at any new poker sites they do stumble upon are poker game variants they want to play, but also ones that offer them a playing structure they are eager to have in place too.

So whilst all poker sites, old or new are going to be offering you all of the most popular poker game variants such as Texas Hold’em, you do need to ensure you can play no limit or even pot limit versions of that game and any others to suit both your playing style and your bankroll too.

As it is the entry fees that make up the prize pools on offer on poker tournaments what you should also look out for from any new poker sites are guaranteed poker sites, for with those sites possibly not having many players as they build up their brand, by entering guaranteed poker tournaments the cash prizes are guaranteed, even if there are only a small number of players playing in them!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Playing and taking part in new UK poker sites and new poker games and tournaments is something I feel most players at one stage of another will be interested in doing, and below I have answered a range of important questions that you may just have about doing so.

What happens is my poker software crashes?

If at any time when you are playing poker at either an online or mobile poker site you experience any type of problem, then you should make a note of the table and game number and then contact the customer support team at the poker site you are playing at, via any of their available contact methods and they will then be able to investigate your problem and rectify it.

Do new poker sites offer bad beat jackpots?

Bad beat jackpots are on offer at most poker sites, including those that you access via an online gaming platform and those that you will be able to access via a poker app. Keep in mind though that the rules as to how you can and will win a bad beat jackpot when playing can often vary from poker site to poker site and often table to table too so always check.

What type of games are available at new poker sites?

The number of poker games and poker tournaments that are accessible to you at each poker site can and will vary, however it is very fair to say that most poker sites are going to have a very good mix of different poker game variants, and some of them may have one or two exclusive poker game variants too that you may never have seen or come across before.

Are all new UK poker sites completely secure and safe to use?

All of the transactions you make when using a banking interface at either an online or mobile poker site are going to be using a very highly secure system, in fact when you not only use a banking interface but also play poker at any sites they are just as highly secure and safe to use as your online bank accounts, but always do protect your usernames and password for an added level of security.

How old do I have to be to play poker in the UK?

It is a legal requirement of all poker sites to ensure that they check and verify the age, identity and the address of all of their customers at some point in time. The minimum legal age to gamble within the UK is 18 and as such you will not be permitted to play at any online or mobile poker site that is licensed in the UK if you are not over the age of 18.

Do new UK poker sites offer no limit poker?

You are going to find both pot limit poker games along with an excellent mix of no limit poker tables no matter at which poker site you choose to play at, and as such you should always try and ensure that you play at the poker tables that have a playing structure that is best suited to your playing style and just as importantly that are suitable to your bankroll too.