Responsible Gambling

Jack Jackob by Jack Jackob  |  August 8, 2018

Sometimes the cards never fall your way, and part and parcel of being a responsible gambler is recognising when the time to stop playing has arrived.

However, whilst most people do not have a problem playing poker or for that matter when taking part in any type of gambling activities, for many people gambling in any shape or form does get out of hand, and it is long before that happens gamblers should be able to spot that they are running into problems.

Therefore this section of the Poker Sites UK website is dedicated to introducing you to several different ways that you are going to be able to seek out and get help and support with any type of gambling problem, that you are experiencing now or when you are at the stage in life when you feel you would like to cut back on your poker playing or gambling related activities.

So please, I really do urge you to read through this section of the website, and make use of any of the services support groups and gambling problem charities that will be mentioned in this article.

There is never any shame in admitting you do have a gambling problem, and there are more than enough sites, places, people and groups you can approach who will always be in a position and willing to help you overcome your problems and get you back on the right track.

Gambling Limit Settings

One of the easiest ways that you are always going to be able to gamble responsibly when playing at any online or mobile poker site, is by making use of the gamble limit options settings that will be available to you when you log into any of our featured poker sites.

Those gambling limit option settings are going to allow you to choose just how much you are prepared to deposit over any set period of time, and once you have reached that limit you will then not be allowed to make another deposit until the period of time chosen or selected has expired.

There will also be the option or you to set some time limits regarding just how long you will to remain logged into a poker site too, and as such if you find that you often play poker online or via a mobile device for way too long and wish to limit the amount of time you can play for, then that is an option setting you should be making use of.

Whilst you will of course experience both losing and winning sessions when playing poker it is important that you set yourself some sensible loss limits, and that is another option that will also be available to you at most poker sites and on most poker apps, so make sure you do indeed set yourself some limits of just how much you are prepared to lose on any individual real money poker playing sessions you have.

All of our featured and approved poker sites are also going to be giving you the option and ability of playing poker for free and with no risks attached, so at all times you can set about playing or no risk if you would prefer not to play for real money.

Take a Break

It may be the case that you do feel you can control your gambling activities, but every now and then you fancy taking a break completely from them, and if that is ever the case many poker sites are going to give you the option of using something known as a take a break option.

When you set about doing so you will be able to request that the poker site you play at suspends your poker site account for a given set period of time which means that at no point in time during your chosen take a break time period will you be allowed to log into your account, deposit or play.

This option is not as strict as for example when you choose to self exclude yourself from a poker site or any type of gambling site, and you will find out most about how to self exclude yourself below, and as such it may be a much better option if you just want to step back and stop playing poker for any given period of time.

In fact, what some poker players will do, if they are playing at a poker site that forces their customers to leave their winnings and withdrawals in a pending state for a few days before they are paid out those winning and withdrawals, is to take make use of the take a break option so that they will never be put into a positions where they could be tempted to reverse a withdrawal and run the risk of losing their winnings!

There are of course of responsible gambling options and held and support available to you, and you should always set yourself some limits when gambling, including having both some sensible and very well thought-out loss limits in place on any session you have put also have in place some well thought-out and sensible winning goals too, and get into the habit of making regularly withdrawals from your poker site accounts too!

Self Exclusion

There is another way that you can cut back on your poker playing sessions completely, and that is by you self excluding yourself from any poker sites or even any type of gambling sites or venues that you are a currently a member of.

When you choose to self exclude which could be by filling in an online self exclusion form or by simply making contact with the support team members at any online or mobile poker site, they are then going to close your account and you will never be permitted to play at that poker site again.

If you attempt to sign up and register again at that poker site your additional accounts will be blocked and closed, but it is important to fully understand if you somehow manage to open a new account after having self excluded yourself the poker site is legally required to ensure that you cannot profit from doing so.

With that in mind if you do manage to open another account at any poker site or via a poker app that you have self excluded yourself form and then win any amount of cash when playing there, the poker site operator will not send you out your winnings.

Self exclusion is a last resort for gamblers who do feel that there gambling activates have gotten out of hand and that they wish to stop playing online.

It may also be possible for you to self exclude yourself from not only poker sites but from every other type of gambling sites or any additional gambling sites any one single company owns and operates, so please do consider taking that option if you want to stop gambling.

Support Groups

The only way that anybody who is experiencing any form of gambling problem is going to be able to get that problem addressed is when they admit they have a gambling problem themselves, and then make a concerted effort to get advice and assistance on ways that they can overcome that problem.

You will find plenty of gambling problem related charities and organisations that will be more than happy to help you overcome and make sense of your gambling problems, and two that spring to mind are Gamblers Anonymous and also GamCare.

I would therefore urge you to visit either the Gamblers Anonymous website or pay a visit to the GamCare website, as they are a good starting point, and will give you an insight into just what both of those organisations are going to be offering you if you make contact with them.

One of the best methods of recovery for anyone who is addicted to gambling and feels their gambling activities are way out of hand is attending a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. They hold meetings often a few times a week, and have venues spread all over the world, and I am more than convinced there will be one close by to where you live or wherever you may be staying or visiting.

Whilst everybody who does attend such a meeting for the very first time will be dubious, nervous or even afraid of attending such a meeting, by doing so you are going to be very warmly welcomed and will have the instant support of everybody else attending that meeting, who will have either gone through exactly what you are going through now or have done at some point in the past.

But first of all do check out their respective websites as they do also offer online support and also telephone support, if you do not yet quite feel up to attending one of their meetings in person.