The Poker Sites UK Team – About Us- Meet Our Team

by Jack Jakob  |  August 8, 2018

Before we launched the Poker Sites UK website, we put together a highly experienced team of both writers and poker players, and tasked them with compiling a range of poker articles, guides as well as poker site reviews and instructed them to report on all up to the minute poker related news stories.

We are pleased to announce that our website is now fully live, and as you will no doubt have noticed as you look around it, we do have a huge number of poker related guides, articles news stories and so much more that we invite you to make use of.

Poker Players

One thing that we are fully aware that our website visitors are very eager to have access to, are poker playing strategy guides and articles in which they are going to be able to learn to master playing any poker game variant and learn how to improve their play too.

That was one of the main reasons we did set about putting together a team of highly experienced poke players, and their respective poker guides and articles are going to allow you to make use of their many years of collective experience and learn more about the many mistakes poker players can and regularly do make when playing poker and you will also find ways of vastly improving your poker playing skills and abilities too!

In-Depth Poker Site and Poker App Reviews

We want you to have a first class and very enjoyable online and mobile poker playing experience, irrespective of whether you play for free, or are entering poker tournaments or simply wish to sit down and get stuck into playing cash ring poker games.
With that in mind I would encourage you to set aside as much time as you need to read through each of our individual poker site and poker app reviews.

By doing so you will then be in a position to make a very well balanced decision as to just which poker sites or poker apps you will be best off using, to play cash ring games, enter poker tournaments or simply increase and enhance your playing experience by playing for free, but at a first class poker site or when using a mobile poker site app too.

We Encourage Feedback and Suggestions

This website is only possible with you, and as such we do openly invite you to actively get involved with leaving feedback and comments on any of our poker related news stories, articles and even playing guides too.

If at any time you wish to suggest any additional content you would like to see our team compile or make available, then please do contact us and make some suggestions, you will find our direct contact details on the Contact Us section of this website, and we really do look forward to hearing from you!