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  • Spin Up Cash Tables
  • Hit Man Bounty Games
  • Lots of Poker Variants
  • Advanced Poker App
  • Very Stable Software
  • UK Facing Poker Sites
  • GBP Currency Option Only
  • Limited Ongoing Bonuses
  • Standard Loyalty Club

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Sky Poker UK Review & Download – Is it Legal? Licensed?

All savvy poker players that are looking for a new poker site at which to play at will have their own personal list of wants and demands, and should spent as much time as is needed comparing just what a range of different poker sites are going to be offering them as a player.

By doing so they will soon find sites such as Sky Poker that have been designed to offer everything a poker players could ever possibly want or need. This review of Sky Poker will give you a full overview of why they have become one of the most popular poker sites in the UK and much more too!

UK Gambling Commission Approved

There are many individual qualities that you should be looking for and demanding from any poker sites you do decide to try, however one of the most important things any such site should have is a fully UK Gambling Commission issued gambling license, and that is something Sky Poker does have.

They are therefore going to be offering you a both a fully rounded but much more importantly a safe and secure poker playing environment and one that you are always going to want to return to time and time again, and every single game and tournament has certified fair outcomes too.

They also offer a highly secure banking interface, and by aware that as part of their gambling license requirements they are required to ensure that all players funds are kept in a totally segregated bank account too, meaning you a always have access to your funds.

You cannot play at Sky Poker if you are under the age of 18 and when you do register as a new player the information you supply on their online registration form will be used to verify your age, identity and your address too, so make sure you fill it in accurately and in full too!

The Biggest Range of Poker Games

One thing that can really let some poker sites down is that they are only going to be offering you one or two different types of poker game variants when you log into their sites, which I suppose is OK if you only ever play games such as Texas Hold’em Poker.

However, by making the very smart decision of signing up to the Sky Poker site you are then going to be able to play a huge range of different poke games, some that you may be very familiar with and some that you may never have played or come across before.

Therefore no matter what you own personal favourite poker game variant is you are always going to have access to it at this poker site, and there will of course be plenty of pot limit and no limit games and tables available to you.

So no matter whether you are a low stake poker player or somebody who is quite prepared and happy to play for some huge amounts of cash, you will not only be able to find a poker game you are familiar with and enjoy playing but you will always be able to find a poker game that suits your bankroll and playing style too, no matter when you log into play!

Online Poker Platform

It is always going to be up to you how you actually access the huge range of poker games and the ever growing number of different poker tournaments that are available to players at Sky Poker, for as you will find out below they do have their own fully functional state of the art mobile app, and you can of course also choose to access their diverse range of poker games and poker tournaments online too.

However, what I do prefer doing is using an online poker platform as the way to access most online poker sites for by doing so you can sit in the comfort of your own home playing poker games or poker tournaments but will often find there are a huge range of additional option settings available on such a poker platform too.

That is going to be the case when you play at the Sky Poker site, for they have lots of different option settings available, and you are always also going to be able to set your own personal set of gambling limits too.

Their online software platform also allows players to access a huge range of poker tournament sand when playing any of their cash ring poker games, you do have the ability and option of opening up several different live poker tables and playing in each of those rooms simultaneously too!

Downloading Sky Poker Mobile Poker App

You will always have the best of both worlds if you make the very wise decision to start to play at Sky Poker, for as you have just found out from above, their online software platform is perfect for when you want to play on your laptop or on your home PC, but they do also have a mobile poker app too.

Now that app has been designed to work seamlessly on any type of modern day touch screen mobile phone, and it is not going to take up huge amounts of your available storage space on your mobile phone or tablet device either and it is obviously free to download and does download and install very quickly too.

Once you have installed the app you can then enter your username and password if you already have signed up to their online software platform, but if not then fear not as you will be prompted to register to use their app, if you are a first time customers of Sky Poker.

Once you have registered as a new player and then log into the app you can of course make use of their welcome sign up bonus, and by tapping onto the banking button you can then choose to fund your account using any of the many different banking options that they offer!

Make no mistake about it they do also offer plenty of withdrawal options too, and they pay out their winning mobile poker app users just as quickly as they pay out their online poker players too!

Deposits and Withdrawals

The first thing I would advise you to do when you are registering as a new player at Sky Poker, if you are a UK based poker player is to make sure that you select GBP as your chosen currency account setting, as by doing so you can then make deposit using any of their available banking options and methods in GBP and can play and then go on to withdrawal in that currency too.

The range of withdrawal option is huge, but do always ensure that you select one that will allow you to get paid out your winnings in the fastest possible time frames and also by a method that will never see you having to pay anything in additional fees or charges too!

Bonuses and Promotions

The size of the new player sign up bonus is such that you should try and ensure that you claim the full amount of that bonus, for that way you will be getting the maximum value and of course the maximum winning opportunities from that bonus offer.

Plenty of ongoing bonus, promotional offers and tailored deals will be made available to you once you do sign up to Sky Poker, all of which have been designed to appeal to both low rolling and high rolling online and mobile poker players!

Final Thoughts

If you have yet to play poker online, then be aware that it can be quite a daunting experience when you first set about doing so, for you will have to first sign up, make a deposit and then set about choosing just which poker games you wish to play or just which poker tournaments you want to enter.

However, as Sky Poker has been designed in such a way that both inexperienced and vastly experienced online poker players are very quickly going to be able to open an account, get their account fully verified which will then ensure rapid winning pay-outs, and have also designed it to be a sure friendly as possible, you will never experience any problems playing there.

The site have also been designed in such a way that you are also going to be able to very quickly find the each type of poker game variant you wish to play or can quickly spot a poker tournament that suites your playing style too.

As they offer free play games and also lots of free to enter poker tournaments you could sign up and simply give those no risk games and tournaments a try to allow you to get some experience of using their platform too!