Land Based Poker Rooms in UK where you can play poker offline

by Jack Jakob  |  August 14, 2018

There are lots of land based offline poker rooms in the UK that you may be interested in visiting, and I have put together this guide to give you an insight into where they are and what each of them have to offer poker players too.

Some of the most visited and most popular ones are the Alea Nottingham casino poker room which has 12 poker tables the Aspers casino Newcastle poker room which has 20 poker tables and also the Aspers poker venue in London with 15 poker tables.

Over in Birmingham the Broadway Casino poker rooms has 18 tables, and the Empire poker room in London is a small and select venue that has just five poker tables, but the Dusk till Dawn poker room which is in Nottingham has a huge 45 poker tables available!

Most Gentings casinos in the UK also have a poker room set aside and you will find their venues in Coventry,  Plymouth, Sheffield, Stoke, Birmingham and Leeds venues all have poker rooms available too.

If you visit Grosvenor owned and operated casinos in the UK you will also find plenty of them do have set aside poker rooms available too, and those venues include their Luton, Leeds, Stockton, Thanet and Scarborough Casinos too.

There are some independent UK venues that also have poker rooms including the Queen Square Card Room in Liverpool, the Poker Room in London, the Poker Stars venue in Long and of course he Manchester 235 Poker Lounge too.

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Comparing Offline and Online Poker Rooms

Any land based poker room or poker venue can be and often is a very intimidating environment for first time and inexperienced players, so with that in mind you should consider visiting such a venue and simply being an observer initially, just to get a good feel for the way that the poker rooms work and how the games and tournaments flow at such venues!

That is however something that you will also be able to do when playing at an online poker site, but keep in mind that the intimidation factor is negligible when playing online as no one knows who you are or how you play!

Thanks to the advent of completely anonymous poker games added into the mix the fact that other poker players cannot see you, that does of course mean if you are the type of player who can give away little tells when playing, due to your mannerisms you are going to be much better suited to playing online that you ever will be when playing in an offline poker venue!

The one many advantage however of an online poker room, is that there are going to be many more players, loads more open cash ring poker games and more poker tournaments scheduled to go live at those sites than there ever will be in a land based poker venue or room!

Games Available at Land Based Poker Sites

Sadly the number of different poker game variants that you are going to be able to access and play at all land based poker rooms, not only in the UK but much further afield too are going to be rather small in number and not very diverse.

offline poker table

It is often the case that the online poker game variants on offer to you in such venues are going to be games such as Texas Hold’em Poker and also Omaha Poker too. Whilst that may not be a bad thing if you do know how to play either of those two variants optimally, I am aware many players like to have access to a much larger and much more diverse range of poker games.

So that is why it may be much more beneficial for you to play at an online or even mobile poker site, for by doing so I can guarantee you are going to come across lots more variants, and many of those additional poker game variants will be the ones in use on the poker sites poker tournaments too.

The website or any offline and land based poker rooms are of course going to give you a complete overview of just what poker games are used on their cash ring games and poker tournaments, so before visiting such a venue always set aside a little time to check out what games are going to be on offer to you, so you are not disappointed.

Land Based Poker Rooms Operating Online Poker Sites

What I would actively urge you to do if you are thinking about playing at an online poker site is to play at one that also operates a land based poker venue in the UK, as you will find they do a lot of cross promoting of such venues and sites.

In fact, you will also have the added advantage of being able to take part in online satellite poker tournaments that are going to give you the chance of winning a direct entry and fully paid for entry into a potentially huge paying land based poker tournament too.

Feel free to take a look around this website, for I guarantee that if you are based anywhere in Great Britain you are going to instantly recognise lots of the poker site operators who are also big named UK gambling companies, and those sites and land based poker rooms they operate will of course all be run and operated to the very highest of industry standards too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Playing and taking part in offline poker games and tournaments is something I feel most players at one stage of another will be interested in doing, and below I have answered a range of important questions that you may just have about doing so.

Do offline poker rooms have free play game available

You can of course try out playing poker at any UK poker sites by signing up and logging into any of them and then heading to play their free play poker tables, and by doing so you can play for as long as you like with no requirement to have to play for real money. All poker game variants will be on offer via a set of no risk free play tables by the way.

Who regulates land based UK based poker rooms

Whilst there are lots of different gambling commissions and gaming authorities in different parts of the world that can and do license and regulated UK online poker sites, I should point out that when you are based in Great Britain you will be best off playing online at those casino sites that hold a full and valid gaming licence that has been issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

Are offline poker rooms in the UK busy

There are always going to be hundreds if not thousands of players logged into any poker sites at all times of the day or night, and as such it doesn’t really matter when you choose to log in to play, you will always find more than enough live poker tables and poker tournaments in use and in play and plenty of poker players will be playing at each poker site too.

Can I get paid in cash at land based UK poker rooms

It is up to the poker site as per their terms and conditions regarding just how long they are going to take you to pay you out your winnings. What you are always going to be best off doing is to look at the banking pages on each poker sites website, as it will be there that they list the pay-out time scales for each of their available payment options, and some will take longer than others.

Do land based UK poker sites have promotional offers for players?

Just make sure that if you are interested in claiming any poker sites poker bonus offers, that you fully read through every single one of the terms and conditions associated with the bonuses you fancy claiming, as often there can be some unique rules in place dependent on just which poker sites you do choose to play at, and the terms and conditions will explain everything to you about each bonus.

What responsible gambling polices are in place at offline UK poker rooms?

One recent legal requirement that all poker sites that are licensed in the UK must adhere to, is giving their customers the option of putting into place a few option settings regarding how much they wish to deposit and lose over any given time period. As such if you think you may be tempted to gamble too much make sure you do set your own gambling limits when you log into your poker site account.