Top Rated UK Poker Players – Most Successful UK Poker Players

by Jack Jakob  |  August 14, 2018

In any country of the world you are going to find there are some poke players that have won the most money on the poker playing circuit. However, there are some poker players that have won mega amounts of money that are based on the UK this guide is going to give an insight into some of them.

As far as a player from the UK that has won the most money and is a very popular UK poker player too that honour goes to Sam Trickett who has so far amassed $20,840,00 on the world poker circuit. Stephen Chadwick is catching him up quickly however as he has so far amassed a total of $17,909,995 in winning.

Some other UK poker players that have won a fortune over the years include Jack Salter who won $6,871,479, Charlie Carrel who has amassed a huge $6,263,263 in winnings along with players such as Dave Ulliott at $6,235,519.

Chris Moorman has won $5,628,055, Roland de Wolfe whose currently winnings stand at some $ 5,327,930 and also Paul Newey whose skill at the poker tables has enabled his to secure some $5,003,830 in poker winnings!

The amounts some other popular UK poker players have won recently is impressive and awe inspiring such as Toby Lewis who has won $4,997,502, Mark Teltscher whose current poker winnings are huge at $4,765,797 and who cannot like the way that Surinder Sunar plays, that have enabled him to win a whopping $4,665,855!

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Where Professional UK Poker Players Play

Most people will be of the mind that professional poker players are going to be visiting just land based poker rooms, and will be entering the highest paying cash ring games and the poker tournaments that have mega sized prize pools up for grabs.

Whilst that is often the case, professional poker players will always be prepared to play poker in a surrounding that they like, enjoy and those environments that do also give them the best chances of winning.

Therefore you can and often do see some very popular and big named poker players playing at poker sites both online ones and mobile ones, and in fact many poker sites will employ such players are their house and team players or even have one of them as the face and ambassador of their poker site too!

It is also working noting that when a poker site does employ such a player they are going to set them forth playing in bounty type poker tournaments, and as such by knocking out those professional players when playing against them in a tournament fashion you can win a bonus cash prize!

How to Become a Professional Poker Player

Poker book image

Much like any trade or career path you choose to take in life, the only way in the world that you are going to become a professional poker player is by putting in hours, weeks and months of poker playing practise.

You cannot and never will become a professional or a successful poker player overnight, so if you have any ideas about doing so then you will urgently need to think again.

It is the case that by playing in as many cash ring poker games and by entering as many poker tournaments as you possibly can do, you will then gain some valuable playing experience, but there are also other ways you need to concentrate your efforts of becoming a much better poker player too.

One of those ways is by you studying how other poker players play, and you can do that by watching videos of them playing on websites such as YouTube. Also try and read as many books as you can do that have been written by professional and popular poker players in the UK.

By doing so you will quickly discover the high and lows of playing poker, and will also discover the sheer amount of time that you will have to set aside to tone up your poker playing skills and abilities. In fact the most successful poker players will then you that they are always learning more about the game even when they are one of the top players in the world!

Learn How to Play Like a Poker Pro

Most poker players will have a set way of learning how to play a much better game if poker, and the first thing you should do if you want to learn how to becomes a top poker player is first decide just which poker game variant you wish to specialize in.

Then learn just how that poker game has been designed and learn fully about the way the game flows and plays. You will find plenty of poker books that give you an insight into just one variant and that will give you a good initial grounding for the game.

You are then going to be tasked with learning the mathematics of the poker game you have taken a shine to, and need to understand the true value of every initial two card hand you will be dealt out, as you need to base all of your playing and betting decisions on your initial set of playing cards.

It is then the unique strategy that you are going to have to adopt that is probably one of the hardest aspects of being a poker pro, but you should always ensure your strategy can be adapted and changed when it  needs to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any number of questions about taking part in any type of poker games or poker tournaments as a UK based player or playing poker in any type of playing environment then please do read on as your questions may just be answered below.

Can I deposit with a credit card and Play with other UK poker players online?

You do not need to have a credit card to play poker online for real money as there are lots of other options including all web and e-wallets, you can also buy a prepaid voucher such as a PaySafeCard from local convenience stores across the UK in cash and use the code printed on the front of those vouchers as the way you top up your poker site account when you get back home.

What games do UK poker players like playing the most?

The most popular poker game variant is the game of Texas Hold’em, and that game is available in both cash ring table game formats along with being available to play in a tournament fashion. You will also find that the blinds will vary on different tables at each poker site so you are assured of being able to find poker tables that suit you budget at all times.

Do UK poker players have to play in GBP?

As most poker sites are available to players in many different countries, you will find that some of them force you to have to deposit, play and withdraw your winnings in one single currency, which may not be the one you use at home. Therefore it is important as a UK based player to play at those poker sites that will allow you to deposit, play and withdraw winnings using GBP.

Are UK poker players able to access poker apps?

I doubt you are going to notice any differences regarding the way that poker apps have been designed when comparing them to an online poker platform. The better run and operated poker apps will have everything on offer to their players when they choose to use their poker apps as are going to be on offer to them when they choose to play online.

How many poker tables can UK player splay at any one time?

Many poker players like to open up and play more than one poker table at a time, and plenty of other players are likely to want to be able to enter and then play lots of different poker tournaments all at the same time and simultaneously. I am happy to let you know that most betting sites are going to allow you to do just that very easily by opening up several windows as you play.

Are UK poker players able to access poker site side games?

Just keep in mind that there are going to be a range of different side games that will become available to you all most if not all poker sites, but as those games are designed as games of chance, you will be in the lap of the Gods are to whether you are going to win when playing them, as there is no element of skill involved in playing them as there is when playing poker games of course.