Cookies Policy – Poker Sites UK – How we Use Cookies on Our Site

by Jack Jakob  |  August 8, 2018

Much like all other websites we do use cookies on this website, and all a cookie is if you have never come across them before, is a simple text file that is put onto your computer, notebook, laptop or your mobile device, when you pay a visit to this website.
The idea behind the use of cookies is that we are then able to offer you a much better experience when visiting out website, and it allows our website to operate much more efficiently too.

It will do so by remembering your own personal preferences along with any registration details you have been given when for example signing up to this website when you pay any additional visits to our website.

Here at the Poker Sites UK website we do use cookies on this site and in some cases may also use third party cookies too, in several different ways that will always ensure that you have a completely hassle free experience when utilizing our website to gain access to the exact type of poker related news and information you are seeking out.

There are several different cookies we may therefore add onto the device you are using to access and visit our website, and they are required to be placed onto your device to allow this website to function correctly at all times.

You will notice that a warning will appear when visiting out website that will alert you o the fact that we are using cookies on this website, you can of course turn off or disable cookies on your device as per your own personal preferences however by turning them off or not accepting them we will not be able to optimize your visit to this website, and certain offers promotional deals and poker related bonuses may not then be presented to you.

For a much deeper insight into how cookies work and the many different types of them you will come cross when using this or any other website I would urge you to pay a visit to the or websites.

If at any time we update our cookie policy page we will update the date stamp on this section of our website, and if you require any additional information about the cookies we use on our website then place do feel free to make contact with us by using our contact is page.

This page was last updated on the 17th of July 2018.