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by Jack Jakob  |  September 8, 2018

There are many different types of poker games you can play, however all of them are games that can take just minutes to learn how to play, but also take a lifetime to master playing too!

Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about playing poker, in any of the many different environments in which you can play it these days, then I openly invite you to read on, as by doing so you are going to get to grips with all aspects of how to play absolutely any of the many different poker game variants that are available.

In fact, you will also be best advised to discover just which the best playing environments are to play poker in too, as there will be one that suits you and your playing style down to the ground, so please do read on!

Is Poker a Game of Chance or Skill?

There has been, and probably always will be, a lot of confusion as to whether poker is actually a game of skill or a game of chance.

As far as gambling site regulators go, some of them have determined poker to be a game of complete luck and chance and as such any environment in which poker games can be accessed will often be regulated in much the same way as any other gambling sites that offer games of skill, such as casino sites and venues.

However, some of the more forward thinking gambling commissions and gaming authorities have determined that poker is in fact a game of skill, and as such there will be much less regulation of any sites and venues that offer poker games.

It will be down to where you live in the world, or which countries you have chosen to visit as to whether the poker games that are available in those countries have been legally determined to be games of skill or games of chance!

Playing Poker Professionally

To be perfectly honest, there are two main types of poker players, the first are those that play poker casually and will be aware that they can win or lose whenever they play, and will have a good basic grounding and understanding of the risks associated with poker, but will always be taking their chances when playing.

However, the other types of poker players are those who play it professionally, and much like any other professional on any career path, they will religiously play poker and fully know the mathematics of the games they are playing, and every single playing, betting and playing move they make with be very well thought-out!

But make no mistake about it, poker is a game that can take a very, very long time to master playing, and the only way in the world you are going to have the chance of winning over the long term, is to study how to play it inside and out, which is very time consuming obviously.

There is plenty of money to be made playing poker professionally, but any professional poker player is going to experience winning and losing sessions, but they will always know when to fold, call or raise a hand to have the best chances of winning.

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Poker Training Tools

Thanks to the advent of the internet coupled with mobile apps, it is now much easier for poker players to learn how to play poker optimally and very strategically too.

There is an abundance of different poker training tools that users can and will be able to make use of that will show them the very best way to play off any hand they have been dealt out, and also what the best strategy to adopt is when playing too.

Players can also gain a much deeper insight into the very best way to play poker by actually watching other poker players play, and that is of course very easy to do these days thanks to websites such as YouTube.

There will be literally thousands of different videos you can watch on that website showing all manner of different players playing lots of different poker game tournaments and poker game variants too.

It can often pay dividends to read many of the different poker books that are also available, and one thing a poker player does need to be aware of, is that you never stop learning when playing poker!

Poker Game Variants

Some of the very earliest of poker game variants are still available to be played in most playing environments, so players who do enjoy playing the more classical games such as 5 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud shouldn’t have any difficulties finding a poker site or poker venue that does offer those games.

It is however the game of Texas Hold’em Poker that most players will show a very keen interest in playing, for no matter when or where you fancying playing that variant, you are always going to find it available in either a cash ring game structure or you can play in many Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments too.

But over the years, many online poker sites in particular have started to increase the number of poker game variants that they make available to their customers, and as such you can and will often come across some variants you have never seen or played before.
But if you do come across some of those new variants which can include, but are certainly not limited to games such as Razz Poker and H.O.R.S.E. Poker, long before you ever set about playing them for real money you should play them for free to learn the ins and outs of how they play!

Poker Sites and Poker Apps

Being drawn towards playing poker online or via one of the many available mobile poker apps is something that most players will experience.

There are of course pros and cons regarding playing poker in either of those two environments when compared to playing in a land based poker room.

However, at the end of the day it is the sheer convenience of being able to play any poker games or being able to enter poker tournaments on a computer for via a mobile device that will see players signing up and giving those sites and apps a try.

The one word of caution I would give to anybody that is contemplating signing up to a poker site or poker app is to ensure that the one you select to make use of and play at is fully licensed and regulated and ideally by a gambling commission or gaming authority in your home country of residence.

By doing so you are always then going to have the complete peace of mind in knowing those poker games and poker tournaments you will be playing and entering are fair and completely random, and your funds will be safe and secure and always accessible too.

Land Based Poker Rooms

Many poker players much prefer playing poker in one of the more traditional venues, and that will of course see them making the concerted effort to visit and play in a land based poker venue.

It will of course be always down to where you live or where you happen to be visiting as to whether there will be any poker rooms nearby, and if there is then you are going to find some that can be and are very busy around the clock, and some that are only busy at certain times of the day or night.

The only downside of playing poker in any land based poker venue is that you are always going to be limited regarding the types of poker games you can play and also limited as to just how many poker tournaments will be on offer to you.
When playing online for example, you will find poker tournaments starting around the clock and also will never be forced to have to play against the same poker players time and time again, which is often something you can and will experience when playing in some land based poker rooms!

Different Types of Poker Tournaments

When it comes to the range, type and verity of poker tournaments you will have access to in any playing environment, you will often find you have to go onto something of a very sharp learning curve to try and discover how each of them have been designed and structured, as there are literally hundreds of different poker tournaments you can enter and take part in!

There are some poker tournaments such as sit n go ones or even head to head ones that will have just a small limited number of entrants taking part in them.

However, conversely you are also going to find some multi table poker tournaments that can have hundreds or even thousands of poker players taking part in them, and it is those that do of course tend to have the highest prize pools on offer.
Just be aware though that even when playing poker in a tournament fashion, the only way you are going to have a realistic chance of winning one of the cash prizes on offer is by playing the base poker game optimally, and using the very best playing strategy at all times.

Poker Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Let me now move onto the very tricky subject of poker bonus and promotional offers that are always going to be showered upon you when you choose to play online or via a mobile device.

There can be for example some sites and apps that are going to give you access to a no deposit poker bonus, and as the name of those poker bonuses does suggest you are never forced or required to have to part with any of your own money to claim such a bonus.

You will also come across what are known as deposit match bonuses when signing up to or playing at some poker sites, and there is of course always the requirement for you to make a deposit of your own money into such a poker site to claim those deposit match bonuses, the value of which can and do vary from site to site.

The only way though that you are going to ultimately determine if any poker site bonuses or promotional offers are giving you true and very real value is by reading through the bonus terms and conditions and any additional bonus rules too, so make sure that is always something you do.

Safety and Security When Playing Poker

Never underestimate the importance of your own safety and security when it comes to playing poker in any playing environment, for you will never want to get ripped off or robbed when playing, which could happen if you are not careful.

Obviously if you visit a land based poker room and win a huge amount of cash you will never want to be relieved of those winnings by someone as you make your way to your car in the car park, so if you win big in such a venue then ask to get paid by a cheque or a bank wire!

Online and mobile poker players should only ever play at poker sites that are going to be offering them certified fair and random poker games, and as long as you do play at licensed and regulated poker sites then game fairness will never be an issue.

But when playing at such sites you do also have the maximum protection regarding your bankroll and funds held in those accounts, as the poker sites are legally required to keep their poker players funds in a segregated bank account, so no matter what happens players can always have access to their funds and winnings.