Learn How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker – Playing Texas Hold'em – Texas Hold'em Guide

by Jack Jakob  |  September 4, 2018

You are always going to be best advised to learn how to play a range of different poker games, but also find out just what makes one poker game variant so much different to all others.

Bit doing so you are then going to be in the very best position possible to try and work out which is going to be the best poker game variant for you to concentrate all of your playing efforts on! But make no mistake about it there are plenty of different poker games you can play.

There is of course also several different playing environments you can play in too, however in the following guide I want to give you a deep insight and overview about the game of Texas Hold’em Poker, for that game has always been popular with players, so you will find no end of poker sites, apps and venues that have it on offer to players.

It is possibly the fact that Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the easiest poker game variants to learn, that has made it one of the most popular poker games of all time, and I doubt it is going to take players more than just a few minutes to learn the basic structure of how that game is played.

As soon as you have got your head around the hand combinations that are ranked in order, understand the blinds that are required to be paid by players before the games actually structured and then learn how each round is played off and the betting and playing opportunities you will soon be able to play that poker game.

However, it could also be said that the sheer number of possible hand combinations and playing situations that could arise on any game, and in fact will arise in any game, means that players are always going to find a new situation when playing, as to how they should play off their hand.

It is the sense of not knowing in advance whether today will be your lucky day or night that does ensure a player always keeps on returning to playing Texas Hold’em Poker.

In fact, as you can play for free, play real money cash ring games and also enter no end of unique poker tournaments that do use the Texas Hold’em Poker game variant, you are always going to be able to get in one the action, much more so now that you can play that poker game online or via an app on any type of touch screen mobile device!

How Texas Hold’em Games Are Structured

When playing Texas Hold’em Poker games you need to be aware fully of the way in which they have been structured and the betting and playing decisions that will be in play too, and with that in mind I shall now give you a basic overview.

The first thing that is required to get any Texas Poker game underway are two blinds a big blind and a small blind, each player in turn sat around the table will be required at some point in time to play both of those blinds which helps the pot start to build up in value.

Once the game gets underway players are then dealt out two pocket cards and are required to make a playing or betting decision based on the value of those cards and whether they are worth keeping or not.

The playing and betting decisions on each round moving forward are a call, a raise or players can of course fold their hands if they think they have no realistic chance of winning.

There are three playing cards that are dealt out to the community card area of the poker table first, and then on the next betting founds a fourth and finally a fifth card is then dealt out, right at the end of the game the players left in will reach what is known as the showdown stage of the game in which he players then reveal their hands and the one that is the highest ranked poker hand wins the pot.

Obviously if more than one player has the exact same value of perk hand then the pot is shared between those players equally, and once done the next game gets underway

Cash Ring Texas Hold’em Poker Games

It is via cash ring poker games that you are going to be able to play real money or even free play Texas Hold’em Poker games online, and every single poker site I have ever come across will offer you a plethora of different game types using one of several different structures too.

Things that you should be making a point of checking out when you are deciding just which poker room to enter and then play in, is whether the games are pot limit ones or no limit ones.

When playing for example no limit poker games there is no limit as to just how much a poker player can place into the pot, however on a pot limit game, as the name does suggest, players are required to put no more than the current value into the pot when playing.

If you are of the mind that you would much prefer playing at no risk initially to see just how cash ring Texas Hold’em Poker games play and pay then you are going to be more than welcome to do just that at all poker sites be accessing their free and no risk poker tables of which there are usually a great number of them.

Play Texas Hold’em in Tournament Fashion

You will of course find no end of Texas Hold’em Poker tournaments are on offer to you at many different poker sites, but there can be a lot of difference regarding the way each individual poker tournament has been structured and designed.

A few different things you should make a point of finding out are the entry fees if any, however the prize pool is being distributed, and also whether you are going to be able to buy things such as add-ons or re-buys when you have run out of chips too!

Playing Texas Hold’em Online

It is going to be either via a downloadable gaming platform r an instant play software platform that you will be accessing poker games such as Texas Hold’em Poker when playing online, and there are pros and cons of using either platform to be fair.

If you are the type of person who wants lots of configurable option settings available to you when playing online then it may be beneficial for you to make use of the downloadable poker sites, but if you tend to swap and change computers a lot then consider making use of an instant play web browser compatible poker site instead!

Texas Hold’em Poker Apps

I would strongly advise you spend as much time as is required when you are looking to play poker on a tablet type of device or on any type of smart phone, for there are lots of differences between the poker apps you can download, install and then make use of at many different mobile poker sites.

In fact, it is always going to be the best advice I can give to any first time or novice poker play that they should download lots of poker apps and try them all out via the free play poker games to see just which ones they enjoy using the most!

Land Based Texas Hold’em Poker Rooms

You can of course opt to play poker in a land based poker room venue, if you are the type of player who does like to actually see, eye to eye so to speak the players you are playing against, which is something that you can never do when playing online or on a mobile device for example.

The only downside of playing in such a venue is that you are always going to be limited to the Texas Hold’em poker games and poker tournaments you can play and enter, and often you end up playing against the same poker players time and time again too!

Texas Hold’em Poker Training Tools

One final little tip I can pass onto you is for you to make use of some of the many different Texas Hold’em Poker training tools that are available to player online.

If you want to massively improve your poker playing prowess, then there are lots of unique poker playing tools you can make use of that will allow you to learn to master playing game such as Texas Hold’em Poker, and those tools are now available as apps too, so you can download and make use of them on any type of smart phone!